Places of interest


Fluvial Beach
Praia da Ponte – Cabreira




Community olive oil mill
In this place you can get in touch with the traditional process called “varas”, this mechanism helps to extract from the olive its delicious oil. Every year, in the olive harvest season, this mill is working for touristic purposes. In the end of the tour, you have the opportunity to taste “tibornada”, a typical dish that is served with olive oil.


Cabreira watermill (inside)
The watermill, located close to the olive oil mill, is used to grind corn and consequently used to manufacture flour. In the end of the process the flour is used to make corn bread.

549 Roman Bridge above Ceira’s river
The Roman Bridge is totally built in stone. It is surrounded by vegetation and close to a natural pool. This was the scenario in some takes of the movie “Fátima”.

Santo António’s Chapel

Rehabilitated in the XVIII century, it still shows the date 1505 in its door. It has the porch and ceilingpainted, and represents twelve scenes from the Old and New Testament. It also has images of the patron saint, in stone, and the altarpiece is a Baroque carving of the XVII/XVIII century. This chapel is located on the north end of Cadafaz.

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